Public Relations Trainer in Plano, TX

Learning is one of the best abilities we have, whether it is in business or in life. Opportunities to learn how to better yourself and your craft should be taken so that you can use the teachings to improve the way you do things. Russell Autry is a communications consultant who believes in professional development in Plano, TX. That is why he has developed community engagement educational training courses.

For those interested in learning more about public relations, business management, and political science, Autry is able to use his teachings to aid them in furthering their knowledge, skills, and techniques. Schedule a consultation with him today when you are interested in training from our public relations professional.

Public Relations Trainer & Educator

Autry has taught thousands of professionals throughout the course of his career. Most of his teaching was performed primarily through the Institutes for Organization Management, which is a program of the United States Chamber of Commerce, as well as through the Center for International Private Enterprise. His professional development work has taken him to the campuses of Notre Dame, SMU, UCLA, Georgia University, Delaware University,  Arizona University, and El Paso Community College, just to name a few.

Russell is a frequent presenter to public school districts, offering his knowledge and experience to administrators, principals and vice principals, board members, and other volunteers on issues of community engagement and public affairs. He has taught both political science and business at a college/university level and has served as the Executive in Residence in the College of Business Administration branch of Louisiana State University. Autry is frequently called upon to train and mentor students of his alma mater, the University of Texas at El Paso, as well.

An Award-Winning Public Relations Trainer

Through his dedication, hard work, and understanding of the material he teaches, Russell Autry has been regularly recognized for his teaching work. It isn’t uncommon for Autry’s students to walk away from his lessons with a better understanding of how to develop their professional career in a way that helps them to achieve their goals.

A proud educator, Autry was honored by his selection as the National Chairman of the Board for the Institutes for Organization Management for the 1999-2000 year. He continues to bring the same level of professional development and public relations training to all of the classes he teaches to ensure that both established professionals as well as newer students are equipped to advance their career in a successful manner.

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